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I first got into radio in the 2nd grade, when my sister and I started our summertime at-home radio station! (Kidding!)

I moved to Utah from Tampa, Florida in September of 2014 and I am in love with this beautiful state and all that it has to offer!

I am extremely passionate about animals and their well-being, and I absolutely LOVE music.  I love going to concerts/shows of all kinds, whether it be a local band at a small bar or one of my favorite bands at an amphitheater. Other interests of mine include yoga (I’m proof that even the clumsiest person can become an avid student), running, biking, hiking, and doing pretty much anything that involves nature. I am a huge fan of tattoos, and you know how it goes if you’ve got them–you always want more. I’ve got a big appreciation for wordplay and I love awful jokes/puns–the cornier, the better.  I’m pretty much an open book, so feel free to ask me anything!