CES 2017 Review: Sgnl

Sgnl has created something I feel like is something so futuristic that you would expect to see in the future, but it’s here now! Imagine your finger being the speaker for your phone calls. No longer do you have to wear a headset on your ear or around your neck. Your watch band now replaces the inconvenience of a headset. Check it out below:

How does it work?


The watch band sends vibration up your finger and converts your finger essentially into a speaker. The technology is amazing and the sound quality was surprisingly good! The only thing I didn’t like about the band is how thick it is and the lack of flexibility. I’m sure as technology improves, we will see more flexibility.

Here is a short video after I got to play with one. If you want to order a Sgnl, hop over to their kickstarter page here.

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