CES 2017 Review: Even Headphones

Introducing Even in One Minute from Even EarPrint on Vimeo.

Danny Aronson, CEO of Even, has a completely different opinion of how a good pair of headphones should sound. Prior to his product being invented, he never could find a pair of headphones that would sound quite right. Part of it would be his training as a classical music composer and the other part was his hearing. He quickly realized that there is not one pair of headphones that can give every set of ears the same sound as it is intended.

Danny had the profound idea to fix this problem by designing headphones to match your individual hearing. Simple concept, like when someone gets a pair of glasses customized to their vision, but with audio. Even is born with quite a profound product and a catchy name, the earprint.

Even learns your earprint with the click of a button. You’re greeted with a 90 second hearing test and a friendly voice. The process is similar to the hearing test you would have with an audiologist, but with music. A minute and a half later, the headphones know what you need to hear to get the best sounding headphones out there. Even allows for you to turn the feature on and off to see the difference. It feels like you’re going from say a cassette to perfect digital quality with the click of a button.

As a DJ, I have owned and used a wide variety of headphones over the years. Even headphones have been some of the best sounding headphones I have ever used.

Below see me chatting on ALT 101.9’s morning show about the product and coming soon, an interview I did with Danny Aronson. Even headphones start at $99 and can be purchased at geteven.co

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