CES 2017!


CES also known as the Consumer Electronics Show kicked off Thursday morning in Las Vegas. The show attracts spectators from all over the world. Last year, over 177,000 attended the event to see what our future will look like.

Each year, we tend to see a common theme throughout the convention. Phablets, Curved TV’s, 3D TV’s, 3D printers, and 4k have led the charge in technology. Consumers have made it clear that many of these innovative ideas ended up showing little interest in the marketplace. For example, 3D TV and curved televisions.

This year, it is my opinion that the big focus will be on 3 main areas: Smart Home technology/Safety, wearables, and VR!

Sure you will see the occasional robot vacuum, self powered cars, and ultra thin TV’s but the above mentioned areas will be the products we will be buying over the next few years!

Below are some of the things we got to play with that we feel will be products YOU will want in the near future. Some of these things are already out! Check out the reviews below as they come in. We have a LOT to cover!

RemoBell Video Doorbell. Click HERE

Sgnl Bluetooth Headset, your finger becomes the speaker. Click HERE

Even Headphones. Headphones that adapt to your hearing. Click HERE

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